These young executives who convert to yoga teachers

Has the idea of ​​going all out to teach yoga in Bali ever crossed your mind? You are not the only one Converted workers have entrusted themselves to us. Spoiler alert: the flow is not always fluid.

Yoga teachers have often lived many lives! Personally, I practice with three professors who have been respectively photographer, marketing manager and professional dancer. Alexandrine Comte took this turning point in 2018. After a career start in large groups and a stopover in the world of start-ups, this former marketing manager decides to reshuffle the cards: "I was getting bored and I was in the middle of a quest for meaning, ” says the young thirties, who practised yoga for 10 years before embarking.

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The click comes in favour of a yoga retreat. “ My teacher suggested I come. I didn't plan to retrain yet, but I thought it was a good way to improve my practice, ” recalls Alexandrine Comte, based in Paris. During this training, she discovers her taste for teaching. In parallel with her job, she begins to give 6 lessons per week on her lunch breaks and on weekends. Between the deadlines to keep at work and the preparation of lessons for her yogi students, she works at a frantic pace. " I organized myself with my managers to make up for the evening, " says the entrepreneur.

But after a few months, it becomes difficult to combine everything and Alexandrine begins to feel a real lack of interest in marketing. To quench her quest for meaning, in January 2019, she passed the course and chose to don her full-time yoga teacher cap. To facilitate her transition, she negotiates a contractual break with her employer. " This financial stability allowed me to give myself time to build a network and adjust my lessons, " says Alexandrine, who now teaches 20 lessons per week on average.

A growth market: Yoga

Sandrine Bridoux, a 34-year-old former lawyer, took the plunge in 2013. “ At the time, it was still pretty crazy to go into this field which was not yet very fashionable in France, ”observes the yoga teacher.

These French startups take on the yoga market

When the urge to change tickles, yoga sounds obvious. Once the decision is made, everything accelerates: she leaves to train in the United States, and a month later, on her return to France, she gives her first lessons. " At the beginning it was complicated, it was a jump into the void, " recalls the young woman who admits having had her " crossing of the desert ". The context is now much more buoyant. " We have more and more studio openings, new brands, and greater demand among students, " she observes. Yoga is now practised by 2.6 million people in France, according to a study by UNION Sport, published in March 2019.

This would represent a market of 116 million euros (including the price of the practice, lessons and equipment (outfits, rugs, etc.). 'We still have a lot of room for improvement compared to the Anglos-Saxons', believes Gaëlle de Lamotte, a platform that connects teachers and students, launched in 2015. At home, during the confinement period, almost 56 teachers provided online lessons for the first time.

Easy access to Yoga

If more and more people are becoming yoga teachers, the prerequisites are quite simple. You do not need a state diploma. " You must at least follow a 200- hour training course, and beyond a good experience in practice," says Céline Miconnet, director of the French Federation of Green Yoga. In this training institute, a good third of the aspiring teachers are retrained, executives. " I meet a lot of people who after a burnout or a stressful life want better quality and move towards this job which offers much more flexibility than a traditional job in an office ", analyzes the training director. It also receives retirees who are considering a more active retirement. " This allows them to earn additional income, ”she says.

The idea is enticing, but the reality is more complex. " A yoga teacher is also an entrepreneur who must manage everything: organize his planning, prepare and diversify his lessons, manage his trips, negotiate with the studios ... ", warns Sandrine Bridoux. And she forgot to mention: accounting, looking for new opportunities, new places to teach, imagine internships, and promote them.

"The Instagram page is the new website"

To exist, Sandrine takes care of her social networks: " The Instagram page is the new website, " says the professor / community-manager who leads a community of 31,000 subscribers on Instagram. She shares the planning of her next lessons, retreats and practical advice. During the confinement, she also organized free online courses. " It's a way to build community loyalty," she adds. But be careful, being a good yoga influencer does not make you a good teacher. To win your clientele, you have to insure in class! "

Strong competition

Building a community is a huge asset for those who invest in this niche. This criterion can make the difference to convince studios. “ As there are more and more teachers, the studios are becoming selective. If you have a large community, it's easier to fill in your lessons, ” says Tatiana Silva, a young yoga teacher, trained in Cyprus by an Indian master.

To avoid this pressure, she preferred to keep her teaching job in parallel and maintains a rhythm of four lessons per week: two in associations and two others in the Novotel in Cergy. “ In Paris, the competition is quite tough. It is more complicated to stand out, ”she observes. Like her, almost 25% of teachers have a job alongside their lessons.

Diversify your income

To find her first students, Alexandrine used word-of-mouth. “ I gave free lessons to make myself known and to establish my credibility. When you start to make yourself known, you become in a strong position to negotiate its prices with the studios, ”explains the young woman who is already thinking of other solutions to diversify her income. She is thinking for example of the creation of her own studio.


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